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Laura Foods Product Packaging Certification

    • Our transparent/ see through packaging containers allows you to make a non intrusive visual assessment of soup condition before purchase. You can still identify our soup when the labels are off


    • Our packaging is leak proof ensuring product packages remains neat/ stain free, providing effective containment and transportation/storage convenience


    • Because we have you in mind, our packaging precludes pre & post packaging contamination and to provide for ease of handling without accidental spill


    • We have carefully selected our packaging material for your safety and comfort. They are Microwavable to provide you hassle free defrosting/warming allowing you to have instant soup in less than 10 minutes with same unique taste all the time as it was in the factory with no deterioration of soup taste such as burning/tanning and or dilution by water addition as a result of warming soup on top of fire in cooking pots


    • Our packaging containers (YUPLENE R392Y) are food grade and complies with US FDA regulation in 21 CFR 177.1520 and 21 CFR 178.2010 for food packaging substances


NAFDAC Certification

Nos. Soup NAFDAC Reg. No.
1 Laura Foods Oha Soup 08-6098L
2 Laura Foods Fisherman Soup 08-6099L
3 Laura Foods Afang Soup 08-6095L
4 Laura Foods White Soup 08-6096L
5 Laura Foods Egusi Soup 08-6097L
6 Laura Foods Eforiro Soup 08-6089L
7 Laura Foods Miyan-Kuka Soup 08-6090L
8 Laura Foods Ogbono Soup 08-6091L
9 Laura Foods Edikaikong Soup 08-6092L
10 Laura Foods Stew Soup 08-6093L
11 Laura Foods Bitterleaf Soup 08-6094L
12 Laura Foods Banga Soup 08-6163L