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Outdoor Catering

Preparation, Delivery & Service of assorted hot ready to eat Nigerian and Continental Foods during events such as parties/ celebrations (birth day, wedding, wedding anniversary, baby dedication, friends & families get together etc.), meetings, workshops, training programmes, Gala nights, Award nights, Black tie events etc


Why choose us?

We help you manage your event budget
We allow you build your custom order at affordable budget
Excellent Product & Service Delivery – Quality, Nutrition & Convenience at Unbeatable Prices; Wholesome Healthy Food At Affordable Prices; Purchase and Eating Convenience Guaranteed For Free; Production Facility Engineered To Deliver High Quality Products At All Time; Preparation Process Standardized To Guarantee High Nutrition, Quality & Food Safety; Fit For Purpose Packaging With Customer Food Safety In Mind; Safe Preservation & Natural Ingredients To Guarantee Healthy Wholesome Meals; Timely Delivery To Meet Your Event Needs, Courteous Service Staff
We Offer you wide Variety for your eating pleasure – Over 12 Nigerian soup delicacies with assort fish/ meat protein, rice, swallow, select continental dishes, starters, deserts etc..
We deliver at the door step of your event venue for your convenience
Our waiters are the best in town

Whatever the event, wherever the location within Abuja Federal Capital Territory, Laura Foods guarantees to make it unforgettable for you.

Our exceptional outdoor catering service brings an array 12 delicious Nigerian soup delicacies (plus stew) and world-class standard service to your doorstep at the most affordable rate.

Therefore, just focus on enjoying the occasion and leave your banqueting worries to us.


Significant Discount Available Based on Quantities Purchased
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