"> Kitchen & Canteen Outsourcing – Laura Foods

Target Customers: Hotels, Guest Houses, Hostels, Hospitals, Clinics & Large Corporate Organizations

Our Offer: Take care of the feeding needs of your Guests/ Customers/ Employees/ Patients/ Clients on your behalf and provide you solid hassle free revenues

Why Do Hotels, Guest Houses, Hostels, Hospitals, Clinics & Large Corporate Organizations Choose Us?

Our proposal provide the following benefits:

  1. Laura Foods Limited will pay a commission to the client on every foods sales made to its guests and employees
  2. Laura Foods Limited will operate seasonal discount promotion campaigns to clients customers with a view to attracting guest traffic and increasing clients occupancy rates/ patronage
  3. Laura Foods Limited will advertise client on its media campaign platforms free of charge
  4. Clients fixed operating costs for kitchen/canteen/restaurant staff will be reduced significantly or even eliminated completely as Laura Foods Limited takes over key kitchen/ canteen operations
  5. Our proposal allows Client to devote management time spent on kitchen/ canteen operations to more value adding core business operations
  6. Assured hygienic, healthy wholesome food offered to guest with eating convenience will improve guest satisfaction and repeat patronage and preclude accidental foods poisoning due to improper foods handling by non-trained professionals


We are uniquely positioned to provide you, your Guests/ Customers/ Employees/ Patients/ Clients unparalleled product/service excellence –

  • Our products are healthy, wholesome, artificial preservative free and specially prepared to meet consumer nutritional and health needs;
  • Our ingredients are natural and sourced locally from the finest sources;
  • Our preparation process guarantees maximum retention of nutritional value without food safety risks;
  • Consumers can bank on our quality assurance and quality control program supported by our food laboratory;
  • Our production facility is engineered to deliver high quality products at all time;
  • Our preparation process is standardized to guarantee high nutrition, quality & food safety
  • Our employee are trained to deliver high quality service