"> Restaurant/ Hotel Management Outsourcing – Laura Foods

Target Customers:   Hotels& Restaurants

Our Offer:End-to-end management of your business operations while you retain critical decision making

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We Plan and Implement


We Lead The Execution Process


We Execute, Coordinate & Control


We Monitor, Measure & Report Performance

All These Delivered For Just A Token We Call Management Fee While The Client Retains Control Via Supervisory

Why Do Restaurants/ Guest Houses/ Hotels Choose Us?

Our proposal provides the following benefits:

  • Guaranteed and performance based management fee allows the interest of the client to be fully aligned with that of the management service provider – e. maximize performance & profits
  • Reduction of clients fixed costs
  • The client will ride on our brand name for free
  • Better quality of specialized products and/or services – Our experience and available consumer survey statistics indicates that occupancy rates and repeat patronages for hotels, guest houses and hostels are strongly correlated with good food/ eating experiences and relaxing secure accommodation.We are uniquely positioned to provide you, your employees and guests unparalleled product/service excellence –
  1. Our products are healthy, wholesome, artificial preservative free and specially prepared to meet consumer nutritional and health needs;
  2. Our ingredients are natural and sourced locally from the finest sources;
  3. Our preparation process guarantees maximum retention of nutritional value without food safety risks;
  4. Consumers can bank on our quality assurance and quality control program supported by our food laboratory;
  5. Our production facility is engineered to deliver high quality products at all time;
  6. Our preparation process is standardized to guarantee high nutrition, quality & food safety
  7. Our employee are trained to deliver high quality service